Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wonder con

So I had gone to Wonder con in Anaheim, California! It was pretty awesome and I took a crap load of pictures, I met a couple of artist I love, truly I do. Here's some pics. Here's Jim Lee which had just got done signing my X-men 275! This man was the one that really got me exicited about comics growing up, I loved his work on x-men. I met Eric Powell creator and artist of the Goon which is the only mainstream book I really follow today. Mike Mignola creator of Hell Boy nuff said, but I do have to say this however, he was a really cool guy because the kid standing in front of me brought a stack, no a grip, no a truck load of comics for mike to sign; and he did! All of them and he was cool about it, which to me I would be kind of pissed off by it but Mike was a champ. Way to go Mike.