Sketches and rockadoodles

So this is another project I was working on, these where the orignal designs for the up coming strangers book.
These are the Blackjack slapper, one of my unfinished pictures drawn on chip board which I really like cause it gives it that vintage feel.

Theres the gang sitting around, once again on the chip board, the pictures come out nice but its really hard to work with.

Heres the first drawing of the band, Notice that the name was originally the Switchblades but due to the fact that there were a lot of Switchblades out there we had to change the name. Also there is another character on the car, his name was sticks but he never really gelled with the group and as writing the stories went on he really didnt have a place. R.I.P sticks

First sketch of London Day..  

First sketch  of edsel

Heres sticks once again, poor guy dead on arrival

Working on the banner and record cover, I really like the idea of them driving the car, but this picture didnt have that piazzas I was looking for, they seemed really stiff and dead