meet the creators

You have stumbled upon the blog for the Blackjack Slapper, our first set of characters for 
Stranger Things studios.  
Stranger things is building a company of local artist, writers, fashion designers, musicians, and whom ever with the same faith who wants to magnify the one and only big man up stairs. You may have heard of Him, He walked on water, created Heaven and Earth, healed the sick and died for our sins, He is Jesus. The thought process behind all of the stories, designs, songs and the whatever is this; they need to shout Jesus! It would seem as if, we are overshadowed by the seductive lights and sounds of musical artist, comedians and other media's that mock and try and drown out the meek voices of the saints, So then we will shout; we will revolt against the things of this world and rebel against their principles, will we be heard. As scripture says:
Proverbs 23:33 
33 Your eyes will see strange sights,
   and your mind will imagine confusing things.
So just imagine the strange sights you will see when he returns and the confusion that it will bring to those who didnt believe,
Do you know him?