Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So what is it about?

Well it breaks down like this, the trio are a plant like monster called Homunculus. Brought to life by a witch, and groomed to be servants to dark spirits, in a nut shell. The idea came up when, working with the youth at church; age range from 12-18 years old and how some of the kids whom grew up in broken homes and jack up families where coming to church and making positive changes in their lives. While others who have the same opportunities didn't move on it but stayed in the situation, instead of growing out of the troubled home and making way for a stable life they much rather stay in what they know and that is in unsuitability. When the comic comes out in Sept. (I'm believing) really tells the story of a broken home. Where the father leaves; in this story he dies, the mother is shaken by the events and is now unstable in herself. She brings another man into her life and he turns out to be abusive, the Blackjack slappers really not sure on how to handle it run away, making a living on the streets. The theme would be this; even thou you might be born into a bad situation doesn't mean you have to stay in it. Well at least that's what I hope this story demonstrates.

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